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[Giveaway] The Dim Sum Dollies and the Singapore story

By Chloe Tang

The Singapore story is one most of us are familiar with. Independence? 1965. Prime minister? Lee Kuan Yew. EDB, JTC and the thriving economy? Goh Keng Swee. Fire? Bukit Ho Swee.

But there’s plenty more hidden among the volumes of memoirs and piles of anecdotes, pieced together to frame the story of a kampong-turned-metropolis. That’s what Dream Academy’s Dim Sum Dollies set out to do back in 2007, going further back in The History of Singapore Part 1. Then came Part 2 in 2014. And now, the dollies are back with their sparkly, sequinned raucous of a musical that will make you want to get schooled in the history of Singapore, all over again.

What’s different or special about this edition?

It’s essentially the same wonderfully funny show as back in 2007, we have made some minor updates to the script to make it as current as possible. Also, now in 2015, we have a very different Singapore and we will look back on our pre-1965 history through a different lens and that is the amazing thing about live theatre.

The Dollies are hilarious, spontaneous and always forthcoming, but there’s thought in every line, move and process. Even if it’s something they’ve done before, “Every time we watch something, we watch it in a different space and time and we get to rediscover new feelings and laugh at different parts.”

DSD Missionaries (front)LR

There’s also Denise Tan joining the Dollies this time around, so that should add be the icing on the cake. There’ll be smooth moves from the Loh Mai Guys and you’ll be sniggering with the highly entertaining resident Chopstick (Hossan Leong). We leave you with some last words from the Dollies on this super fun take on the history of Singapore.

It’s like taking a walk through history with insane, colourful characters. You will meet familiar characters like the Samsui Women, Kamikaze pilots and even Sang Nila Utama; but they will doing very unfamiliar things! Come watch the Dollies tell a naughty and cheeky version of Singapore’s history!

It takes a village to put up a #DimSumDollies show! Watch this video and you’ll know what we mean: DUB SMASH DOLLIES!!!


DSD KamikazeLR

Want to watch the Dollies take on Singapore? Join the giveaway now!
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Contest ends 1 June 2015, Mon, 23:59.

E V E N T   D E T A I  L  S

Dim Sum Dollies® The History of Singapore Part 1

Date: 5 – 21 June 2015
Time: Tue – Sat: 8pm, Sat & Sun: 3pm
Venue: Esplanade Theatre
Duration: 2 hours including 20 min intermission
Tickets: $148, $128, $88, $68, $48 (through SISTIC)

Images credit: Dream Academy 

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